Raves for “A GALA CONCERT” (12 September 2016)

“…Thank you so much for the glorious concert we saw yesterday with Yvonne Kenny and Simon Tedeschi. What great performers they are. Their music was out of this world…”
– Christine D

‘…We wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thoroughly we enjoyed yesterday’s performance. Classical music is one of our passions and when the programme included magnificent pieces by some of our favourite composers, we were over the moon. Yvonne, Simon and Maria’s pieces were perfection. We loved every moment of the two hours which went by all too quickly. The guest performers, the orchestra, Bernard Walz and David Parsons treated us to a feast of beautiful music. Thank you!…”
– Lionel W

“…Congratulations on another brilliant concert on Monday. I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance of people who play the piano…and Yvonne Kenny was also magnificent…”
– Bruce S

“…Thank you so much for the most wonderful Concert today…it was fabulous as usual! I don’t think there would be any better entertainment in the whole country. Thank you to everyone who made it possible…”
– Margaret S

Raves for “I LOVE A PIANO!” (6 June 2016)

…Once again thank you for a beautiful  concert yesterday, I knew it was going to be wonderful and I wasn’t disappointed…you are just an amazing pianist…I think my favourite part was the Andrew Lloyd Webber segment…the Aussie part I loved too, just the whole concert, I do hope we can have another piano show again in the not too distant future. Also Gavin has a beautiful voice, I’m sure he has a bright future…”

– Faye S

…I am writing to thank you very much for a magnificent concert yesterday – you truly are a wonderful pianist (and compere) – my  husband, friends and myself  were thoroughly entertained for the entire 2 hours.  Also thank you for playing that ridiculously ‘hard’ piece of music ‘Chopsticks’…it brought a smile and a laugh to a lot of people I think!!  I would like to recommend that you perform at on an annual basis – your repertoire is amazing. I do hope that we see more of Gavin Brightwell in the upcoming musicals doing the rounds in Sydney in the near future.  Paul Martell was excellent with his ‘clean’ jokes and his impersonations were brilliant – well done on a fabulous concert.  A big ‘thank you’ to all the ‘behind the scenes’. We can’t wait until the September concert again…”

– Jill R

CONGRATULATIONS on yesterday’s concert. It was just wonderful and all my crowd thoroughly enjoyed it. These concerts seem to be getting better and better. Can hardly wait for the next one in September...”

– Val “S” D

Congratulations on a wonderful performance at the Town Hall yesterday – you personally excelled – and the orchestra, singer, comedian were fantastic.  Thank you for what you do, and I look forward to reading about the 2017 Season…”

– Helen J

…Thank you so much for another really wonderful concert yesterday.  Once again it was a truly uplifting experience.  Your skill at the piano is amazing!  The orchestra sounded great, loved Gavin Brightwell and enjoyed a chuckle at Paul Martell’s funnies.  I hope that we are able to hear you again at a concert next year – maybe “My love of the piano continues”  or “I love a piano 2”.  Your love of the piano is quite obvious. Thank you again…”

– Colin & Helen C

…We could have stayed there all evening listening to you make that piano sing, Bernard. Congratulations on a wonderful concert. See you next time…”

– John and Anne K

I want to congratulate you on the fantastic concert yesterday. I thought the previous one was superb but this one was even better. With the piano in the middle of the stage I was able to see the speed of your fingers over the keys and I was astounded at your performance. The supporting artists were great and, because my Dad was born in Ireland, I really appreciated the Irishman turned Australian. I hope you will do another show like this one again in the future…”

– Bruce S

…My wife and I extend our heartfelt thanks for your performance at today’s Good Old Days Concert, “I Love A Piano”.  We cannot get enough of your performances and of all the concerts we have been to over the past few years this rates as one of if not the best concert we have attended.  And every concert is enhanced by your being the pianist extraordinaire, not to mention your great sense of humour and quick wit.  We will be back for the October one.  We can hardly wait…”

– Grahame C

Raves for “International Music Spectacular” (4 April 2016)

“…The concert yesterday was just superb! Lovely to hear those beautiful voices!…”

– Judy G

“…What a fantastic concert! The Pipe Band and the Orchestra together were superb! Thank you…”

– Patricia M

“…No words! What a beautiful day we had yesterday!…”

– Joyce T

“…We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the magnificent concert yesterday!…We thoroughly enjoyed Ian Cooper and his fiddle, the outstanding Scottish band, the wonderful singers, and all of the music chosen was absolutely perfect!…Thank you in keeping alive “The Good Old Days”…”

– Margaret C

“…Thank you, it was a wonderful morning of music from all over the world…the three sopranos were amazing and Ian Cooper is just unbelievable…”

– Kathleen MN

“…What a wonderful concert it was today!…Everyone I spoke to was over the moon about it!…”

– Judith R

“…I am writing to attempt to let you know the impact your last concert had on myself as well as my friends. The group were ecstatic. Thank you once again for transporting us oldies in a pleasurable trip!…”

Lorraine N

Raves for “Mark Vincent – In Concert!” (8 February 2016)

…Just arrived home from the Concert. To-day was “AS GOOD AS IT GETS” ever, ever.  Mark, Monique ,Bernard and the orchestra were fabulous. Thank you for the opportunity…”

– Bob and Joan B

…I would like to thank you very much for an exceptional concert yesterday – it was extremely enjoyable and uplifting…”

Jill R

…Again, thank you for providing such first-class entertainment for so many people.  As you would be aware, the audience was enraptured with Mark Vincent, Monique Montez, and most certainly not least, yourself. I first saw Mark Vincent as a 15-year old when he had such a superb voice, but oh, what a complete performer he has become and what a delightful young man – what a future!…”

– Judith B

…I wish to let you know I thought the Mark Vincent Concert was great – so much so that after the morning show I went straight out and bought another ticket for the afternoon show – which was equally spectacular! Thank you so much…”

Jill P

…Phenomenal!…Absolutely beautiful!…”

– Anne L

…I’m speechless!…An utterly beautiful concert – congratulations! We were very lucky to have Mark Vincent at the Good Old Days Concerts…”

– Thelma P

…Breathtaking! To start the year like this was just perfect…”

– Joyce T

Raves for “The Kermond 3Generation Vaudeville Show” (19 October 2015)

“…That is talent! That is dancing! I thoroughly enjoyed it…”

– Betty M

“…We were on a high for hours afterwards…”

– Lorraine N

“…I think it was the best show I’ve ever seen. Absolutely loved it!…”

– Margaret W

“…What a wonderful concert on Monday…Especially as we remember the song-and-dance from The Tivoli…”

– Thelma P

“…Absolutely unbelievable. We just loved it…”

– Jenni C

“…What a colossal show!…”

Rhonda W

“…Three generations on-stage! And to think they did two performances in one day!…”

– Pat W

Raves for “A Classical Carnival” starring the NSW Police Concert Band (7 September 2015)

“…What a concert – to watch the NSW Police Band so closely was wonderful. Lorraine Bayly’s narration of “The Carnival Of The Animals” was absolutely perfect…”

– Tony H

“…Out of this world! Absolutely magnificent. Carnival of the Animals was just fantastic…”

– Pamela L

“…The NSW Police Band were “A-Class”! Lorraine Bayly was just delightful…

– Audrey C

“…It was one-in-a-million! Thank you to all of your staff for giving us such a lovely day. Lorraine Bayly was absolutely lovely…”

– Joyce T

“…It really is unbelievable – I felt uplifted with the whole concert. I felt as if each of the instruments was playing with their whole heart. The two singers were wonderful…”

“…It was so moving. Every number was wonderful, and the conductor, fantastic. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the day out…

– Marion W

“…The dazzling precision and accuracy…loved the Liszt, the Carnival of the Animals…I was amazed that an orchestra without strings could produce such incredible music…”

– Marie L

“…Wonderful concert! You gave us all so much pleasure…”

– Una MG

Raves For “Follies Spectacular” starring Rhonda Burchmore (11 May 2015)

Rhonda Burchmore and all our artists brought smiles, laughter and thunderous applause at our show on 11 May. Here are some responses from our patrons…

“…Thanks for a great concert on Monday…Rhonda was excellent and the other acts also very, very good.   Loved the accordion player – he sure has magic in his fingers! I will be booking for the next concert and bringing my friends…”
– Anne S

“…Your shows continue to amaze me! Rhonda Burchmore was outstanding and the whole production – the dancers, Al Showman, Ross Maio and that band – were fantastic. Cannot wait for the next show in September!…”
– Roger C

“…Today I went to see the concert…it was a fantastic show worth $135, not $35! I really enjoyed the dancers and the entertainers were great!…”
– Carmen E

“…What a great programme yesterday.  Great music, and an absolute visual feast with the costuming.   Book Rhonda and her artists for another time!!!…”
– Jillian G

“…What a wonderful, wonderful concert…”
– Margaret B

“…Thank you for a wonderful concert on Monday, each act was superb and thanks for all the work you do to put on these concerts for us…”
– Faye S

Raves For “David Hobson In Concert” (16 February 2015)

David Hobson delivered a stunning performance at our first concert for 2015! Here are some comments from our delighted patrons…


“…I’m still on a high from this afternoon’s concert. It was absolutely wonderful and our group really enjoyed it. Thank you, thank you!…” – G J

“…What a fantastic concert at the Town Hall this morning featuring my very favourite, David Hobson. The whole concert was fantastic, you and your orchestra were also excellent. “Hobbo’s” voice was magnificent with the acoustics of the Town Hall. Thank you so very much…” – J L-F

“…Congratulations on a great concert yesterday. The finale was even better than David’s previous concert, with the addition of your orchestra. We travel from Newcastle, we are away from home a total of 11 hours on the day, but wouldn’t miss a concert for anything. Cheers!…” – B McE

“…Bravo, Bravo! Yesterday was a magnificent day! My group just loved it. Keep the concerts rolling!…” – L S

“…Wow, what a concert on Monday afternoon. Everyone was great. Both you and David Hobson were tops!…’The Holy City’ better than the Proms! Looking forward to 11 May concert…” – R C

“…It was absolutely wonderful. Class, class, class! Loved it! The whole show was brilliant…” – J M

“…Indescribably magnificent…” – S T

“…Absolutely fabulous. I have never seen a standing ovation like it before!…” – H E

Raves for “A Tribute To Tommy Tycho” (1 October, 2014)

What a special day it was on Wednesday 1 October. Many people were touched by the incredible music of Tommy Tycho – here are some comments…


“…Thank you for another great afternoon’s entertainment yesterday.  What a wonderful tribute to Tommy Tycho. One of our party said it was the best yet…”
– Doreen S

“…BRAVO! BRAVO! The concert today was so beautiful!…”
– Lilly S

“…We so enjoyed today’s concert. Think you all did a wonderful job honouring Tommy Tycho whose music we enjoyed so much. All the soloists added an extra dimension to the tribute as did the remembrances from Tommy’s daughter. Thank you…”
– Barbara G

“…Today’s show was delightful. You gave us an insight into not just what a wonderful and talented man Tommy Tycho was but how fortunate we are that he shared such with us.
Thank you Bernard, your performance was fantastic. You and your guest artists, plus the orchestra, organising staff including the ushers were magnificent.
Everything, everyone, gave us the audience an excellent show, an enjoyable day. THANK YOU.
Three cheers for “The Good Old Days Concerts”…”
– Betty A

“…Tommy certainly was a genius…”Mountain Greenery” was spectacular… “Tenderly” was so beautiful…all the artists were so enjoyable, and what a great orchestra…I could go on and on. Thank you! Congratulations and best wishes for future concerts…”
– Charles L

“…Congratulations on a fantastic tribute concert to the Maestro Tommy Tycho.  The music was great and the artists were magnificent…”
– Jill R

“…Wonderful show yesterday – it was absolutely marvellous…”
– Joy K

“…Thank you so much – I was lifted out into another world…”
– Margaret G

“…The show yesterday was breathtaking…11 out of 10!…”
– Joyce T

Raves for “In The Swing!” (July 2, 2014)

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about our “In The Swing!” concert. Here is a selection…


“…Just wanted to let you know that today’s show (Wed 2nd July) was fantastic!!  My party enjoyed every minute.  Every act was outstanding.  You can all feel proud of putting on such a wonderful entertaining show…”
– Di W

“…Just want to let you know that Oh Wow!! is not explicit enough – but I can’t think of anything better! What a superb concert today – it was wonderful and I’m sure that everyone enjoyed it immensely – I know we did! The girls were great, Scott was super and Larry Stellar did a great job…and that guy who came and played the piano towards the end – he was wonderful! The dancers were so full of zip and life – I felt like dancing down the street afterwards! Everyone did a great job!…”
– Janet B

“…Wow! What a concert today. I went to the “Glenn Miller Orchestra” concert a few weeks ago, and they had nothing on your show! Every performer was fantastic and the NSW Police Band are amazing. Thanks for an incredible time. Can’t wait for the next show…”
– James W