Raves for “MOVIES LIVE!” – 13 November 2023

“…Just wanted to let you know how much we (all 8 of us) enjoyed today’s concert – it was astounding and left us speechless. I really want to thank you for the tremendous effort you put in to produce these concerts for us to enjoy…we look forward to seeing you again in March 2024!…”

  • Gloria H

“…No words are in my vocabulary to describe how wonderful and moving the music was today. The Orchestra was superb, Claire’s singing so pure and strong and the piano playing and conducting are beyond words…I was close to tears listening to the beautiful music…”

  • Denis and Bev R

“…Today’s concert was absolutely fabulous! Can’t think of one that I’ve enjoyed more. The oboe and bassoon were wonderful additions. I still have goosebumps for the haunting “Schindler’s List” theme. What an exquisite violinist…Looking forward to another year of music “magic” in 2024…”

  • Susanne S

“…Thank you once again for a brilliant show yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially watching how each orchestra member presents individually and as a whole whilst each of you appreciates/acknowledges each other’s talents…”

  • Noelene M

“…Thank you for a wonderful concert last Monday…It was thrilling, emotional and brought back such beautiful memories of the movies we had seen over the years. The Good Old Days Concerts Orchestra and Claire Lyon were fantastic…You give so many people such pleasure. It is appreciated…”

  • Pam F

“…What a way to end the 2023 season of The Good Old Days Concerts with the performance on Monday…I enjoyed every minute of it with the piano, the orchestra and the wonderful voice of Claire Lyon. I was sorry when it ended. The work that everybody puts into getting the concert going is great…”

  • Cynthia S

“…Thank you so much for a really beautiful and fun afternoon at Movies Live!…the shows are so special to our group and never disappoint us…”

  • Gail J

“…We thoroughly enjoyed another wonderful concert. Claire Lyon is amazing. Performing that show twice, back to back, must have been exhausting. Well done indeed!…!

  • Judy A

RAVES for “PIANO! PIANO!” – 18 September 2023

“…absolutely superb…”

    • Malcolm B

“…a great day out…Simon is an inspirational young Australian musician…I was blown away by his talent…and blown away by Bernard’s piano brilliance and masterful leading of the orchestra…”

    • Laurel D

“…what an amazing performance…I was completely overwhelmed – like everyone – so much so that late into the evening I wasn’t able to sleep, so hyped…that was an awesome performance…a sensational experience…there are simply not enough adjectives to applaud the amazing performance…”

    • Tony D

“…what a fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable concert…”

    • Noelene M

“…Magnificent…best concert ever…congratulations to you both…”

    • Carol G

“…yesterday’s concert was fabulous, as always…exceptional…”

    • Judy A

“…congratulations on yet another masterpiece…Monday’s “Piano! Piano!” hit the spot…exciting exuberance at a superb level…”

    • Don J

“…thanks to all for the amazing concert yesterday – we all felt privileged to be in the audience…”Piano! Piano!” was very special and we congratulate you on bringing it to us…”

    • Judy G

“…congratulations, the concert this morning was the best one I have been to by a long way…”

    • Ian G

“…loved every minute of it…thank you for your talent and for sharing it with us…you never disappoint…”

    • Julie U

“…Was amazing! Such talented musicians! Loved every minute of this concert. Bravo!…”

    • Chris D

“…Today’s sublime, generous performance was an absolute treat…thanks to you all for making these concerts available…”

    • Rosemary D

“…Absolutely brilliant performances by two amazing pianists and great orchestra…our group of 10 never miss these fab Good Old Days Concerts…”

    • Carol J

Raves for “THE AUSSIE PROMS!” – 15 May 2023

“…Just a note to say Thank You for such a wonderful show last Monday. We had our Probus Meeting this week, members who saw the show voted “The Best Show” ever. Mind you they say that about each Good Old Days Concert they see. Looking forward to the next show…!

  • Pam F

“…What a wonderful way to start again with “The Aussie Proms”…So uplifting to hear the music and singing and be back at The Good Old Days Concerts.  You and your team must be very proud of the production…”

  • Tee S

“…The most marvellous concert I’ve ever been to…”

  • Shirley K

“…Absolutely brilliant – the tonic I needed…very emotional…just amazing…”

  • Roslyn W

“…I wish I was able to put into words adequately to say a huge thank you to you all for letting us share in the magic of Monday’s concert. Some of us felt it was the best yet!…”

  • Gloria H

“…Once again a million thanks for sharing your brilliance with an appreciative audience on Monday afternoon.  It was, as always and never failing – an overwhelming production…seriously, you present awesome events at The Town Hall for which we are so very grateful, never will we not attend.  And we’ll do all we can to increase the numbers…see you in September – what a show that will be, oh boy!…”

  • Anthony D

“…I am writing to congratulate you and the many other people involved in producing another wonderful concert. Fifteen members of our club were there on Monday afternoon. All spoke highly of it and are looking forward to the next concerts…keep up the good work…”

  • John H

Raves for “THE GREAT CLASSICS!” – 24 October 2022

“…What can I say?  Today’s concert was quite the best yet. The choice of music, stars and enthusiasm were without doubt PERFECT.     All my new friends were over the moon and ALL were full of praise…just wish we didn’t have to wait until May for the next concert but so looking forward to it…”

  • Val D

“…Would like  to let you know how much our group loved your Concert today. Rob, Georgia & Jane were so wonderfully entertaining. The Orchestra are pure joy with a superb pianist and presenter. Mere words cannot convey how much we all enjoyed ourselves. Many Thanks for all your hard work with these shows…”

  • Christine C

“…Congratulations!! You have excelled yourself once again. The joy you gave the audience was amazing. Our members thought it was best show ever, “The Great Classics” will be with us forever as they bring so many memories. A big thank you to you, your orchestra and the three very talented guest artists…”

  • Pam F

“…Thank you for providing such a priceless gift of high quality music to Seniors.  I always leave your concerts happy and full of joy.  This latest concert had it all, talented artists, conductor and brilliant piano playing…I am amazed that I got to see the legendary Jane Rutter, who played with such passion.  We were so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of all the hard practice the talented Georgia Wilkinson did as understudy for the role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera. It was not wasted. Then there was Rob McDougall with his beautiful baritone voice.  As I said this concert had it all!…”

  • Marion M

“…I went to the concert yesterday for the first time – just loved it…”

  • Pamela M-J

“…I have to thank you so much for not just the excellence of choice of items presented but also introducing some of us to those wonderful performers who gave so much of themselves & brought so much joy to we older folk who now unfortunately, cannot afford to attend regular shows.  I thank you so much for the happiness you spread…Quite the loveliest concert so far for me…”

  • Averil M

“…Thank you for organising such a wonderful concert yesterday, while we have enjoyed them all this was definitely THE BEST! What wonderful voices the two singers had, and Jane Rutter continued to amaze with her talent. Not to forget the orchestra and your great piano pieces as well. It was well worth braving the elements for such a great afternoon’s entertainment, so thank you again…”

  • Heather C

“…I cannot believe how wonderful yesterday’s concert was and felt I must let you know how magical it was for all of us – all the concerts are wonderful and it is always not possible to say one is better than another but our little group all felt that we have not enjoyed another concert more than we enjoyed yesterday’s. It is possibly a combination of many things – we have not recovered from what Covid has done to us all mentally, the weather was dreadful and the concert was just pure magic. Thanks so much to everyone involved…”

  • Gloria H

“…Thank you so very much for yesterday’s concert.  It was truly one of the best shows so far.  The guest artists went way beyond what we had envisaged.  The orchestra once again stood out particularly with Bernard playing and conducting.  One friend who was with us said she may not be coming again (due to her health and the rain yesterday) but during the first selection of music, she said not to take her name off my list, she would make every effort to get to the shows…Again thank you for giving we seniors a chance to enjoy the music that we love…”

  • Lana C

“…Sincere thanks, Bernard and the Good Old Days team for the Awesome Concert yesterday! Thank you so much for the Great Classics concert yesterday! Our group were completely blown away!

One of our new members who has only been to one other GOD concert, made the priceless comment “Are they always as good as this!”. You, Bernard, personally make it so much fun, and I could listen to you at the Grand all day!  Rob and Georgia were outstanding, (can we see them again!) and of course the beautiful Jane Rutter, so much fun and talent!

  • Gail J

“…I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday’s concert. I brought along 4 new friends who were so impressed with the show. Personally, I thought this was one of the BEST I have attended.

Thanks again for giving us such pleasure of excellent artists…”

  • Maria R

Raves for “BACK IN THE SWING!” – 27 June 2022

“…Just to tell you and your team a “big thank you” for the concert today. I have had several phone calls to tell me how much our members enjoyed the show. One couple rang saying it is the best show ever. So all the preparing that goes into planning the show is much appreciated. The swing band superb and also the vocalists…looking forward to the October concert…”

  • Pam F

“…I can’t tell you how much our group enjoyed the concert yesterday…it was certainly great to be back…”

  • Wendy D

“…Congratulations on your return…the best ever with the concert’s Big Band….I went home on the bus filled with elation…a big thank you…”

  • Carol G

“…Thank you for an absolutely wonderful concert yesterday. We loved the whole show…”

  • Noelene M

“…After yesterday’s concert I am still in awe of the tremendous emotional carry over that you have provided once again to so many of the delighted members of the audience….Yes, I was tapping my feet and clicking my fingers as were so many others…yours in appreciation…”

  • Barry McC


“…Oh what joy to have the concerts back on in the Town Hall!…We had such enjoyment with Bernard, the orchestra and David Hobson this morning. ?It certainly brought good vibes and happiness to everyone who participated in the concert…”

  • Elizabeth P

“…I attended the Family Reunion show today for the very first time. Thoroughly enjoyed it and loved David Hobson singing Jerusalem at the end – FANTASTIC…”

  • Marjorie S

“…Just had to write and say THANK YOU. The concert was wonderful today. Bernard Walz and David Hobson are such brilliant entertainers. Fabulous music and a great voice. It was a joy to be in the audience just like old times…”

  • Pam F

“…It was soooooo good to be back at the Town Hall this afternoon for the wonderful concert!…”

  • Gail J

“…I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful concert you presented yesterday. I really wasn’t sure that it would take place, particularly with our current uncertain times. However the show went ahead and it was so enjoyable from start to finish. The orchestra and Bernard played beautifully as always and I never cease to be in awe of David Hobson’s voice. He is a top entertainer, so I felt very privileged to be able to listen to such a great performance…”

  • Margaret C

Raves for “THE PROMS EXPERIENCE!” – 4 November 2019

“…Thank you so much for a fabulous Proms concert, with great music and excellent voices…It was so moving…having the flags was really great, the streamers topped it off…”

  • Pam F

“…Outstanding, brilliant, overwhelming, awesome!…Your show yesterday was extraordinary and my heartiest congratulations…I hope you received from the applause the depth of appreciation we have…”

  • Tony D

“…The concert was absolutely brilliant and the NSW P:olice Band astounding. In fact that is an inadequate word to describe their playing…We are looking forward to our next concert…”

  • Lance D

“…Thank you so much for yet another unforgettable concert on Monday…you made a marvellous job of creating the real Proms atmosphere, and all the performers were fantastic…”

  • Jenny H


Raves for “A LADY, A MAN & A BABY GRAND!” – 17 June 2019

“…Definitely 110% today. You were all absolutely fantastic. Your concert does so much for us golden oldies…Your music therapy works wonders for us all. Keep up the great work.

  • Colleen N

“…Congratulations on a brilliant concert today, we wnt away with a spring in our step, and we are still talking about it….”

  • John C

“..Thank you once again for a wonderful morning concert. Bernard’s rendition of West Side Story and Forrest Gump were so beautiful we were really wanting for more. Marina Prior kept us spellbound by her superb singing, we were sorry when the concert ended. We love the relaxed and friendly way you present these concerts and hope we will be able to attend for many more years…A huge thank you as we know you must put in many hours of organisation behind the scenes…

  • Beverley R

“…Absolutely loved the concert. Great choice of music and songs…”

  • Marion G

“…Just to say THANK YOU for yesterday’s concert, which my party of 4 enjoyed immensely. It was a delight to listen to Marina sing again, especially her folk songs. It was especially a delight to hear Bernard play in his own right…

– Browyn F

“…To thank you for another superb concert yesterday. You produce such wonderful entertainment always, but Bernard, Marina Prior and the orchestra members provided an additional bonus. You are such professionals and brilliant performers who obviously enjoy yourselves on stage, which feeling is conveyed to your audience. Again, thank you…

  • Judith B

“…Thank you so much for another wonderful concert. Marina Prior was beautiful and the arrangement of West Side Story was so stirring…Words cannot really express how much pleasure your concerts are giving seniors!…”

  • Helen C

Raves for “VIENNA NIGHTS” – 15 April, 2019

We love every show you put on. However, today’s show was outstanding and we are hopiong that you will repeat it at some time in the future. Danile Belle and Georgia Wilkinson were awesome, not to mention the wonderful orchestra and the piano playing….Well done again…

  • Jenni C

What a wonderful concert. Your choice of musicians, your selection of items and the final presentation – superb. ..Our group enjoyed the afternoon immensely, as I am sure everyone did…

  • Alan H

A great big “Thank You” for such an uplifting concert today; a much needed boost to low spirits!…Just hope you can produce regular Viennese music as you did today. Thanks again.

  • Carol O

Saw your Vienna Nights performance yesterday and although I expected to love it I couldn’t believe how great it was. As usual you have done yourself proud on an outstanding production. I am now a huge fan of Georgia Wilkinson, that’s the first time I have heard her…Once again a big thank you keep up the great work.

  • Heather C

Thank you for the amazing concert yesterday. Totally wonderful and I’ll definitely come again…Thanks again for your great concerts…

  • Kathleen W

Congratulations on such an outstanding show yesterday. It was just fabulous! Well done. Our Probus Group loved it. Many came to me at the meeting this morning to say Best Show Ever! Some did not want the show to end. Myself, I glanced around at our group and saw so many swaying in their seats with the music…you give the audience so much enjoyment…

  • Pamela F

A great big Thank You for a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment on Monday. I hope you get as much out of the performances knowing how much pleasure you give to so many people, as we, the audience, get from being there…I particularly enjoyed the Richard Tauber segment as he was my mother’s favourite…Happy memories!

  • Doreen S

Thank you for yet another exceptional concert on Monday. We were treated to 2 hours of such beautiful music, and, as is so often the case, were sorry when the programme had to come to an end. Keep that lovely music coming – it brings so much pleasure to an enormous number of people…

  • Jennifer H

Raves for “DAVID HOBSON IN CONCERT!” – 4 February 2019


“…Once again another fantastic concert today…Well done to David Hobson, who gave 110%…Claire Lyon again sang beautifully…Nice also to see David Parsons back at the organ…Orchestra was great, and, last but not least, there is your exceptional ability to bring such wonderful music to a large number of people…” – Jenny H

“…Yet again another triumph!!! What a delightful Concert on Monday morning!…David Hobson…his performance was delightful! And Claire Lyon—what can I say, the looks of an angel and a voice second to none! Such clarity! Oh, and not to forget the Pianist and the Good Old Days Orchestra – perfection, as always! Just a beautiful concert…! – Vivienne C

“…Thank you once again for a wonderful concert yesterday, Bernard. With 2 wonderful singers, a very talented pianist and a great orchestra it couldn’t help but impress…It is always an uplifting experience to attend your concerts…” – Helen C

…Just wanted to touch base with you to congratulate you again on how you run the Concerts, you have made such a huge difference not only the Performances but even getting in and out. I have been coming for about 10/12 years now, so much more professional, the Artists and Orchestra, amazing…Congratulations once again and thank you…” – Heather C