“…What can I say?  Today’s concert was quite the best yet. The choice of music, stars and enthusiasm were without doubt PERFECT.     All my new friends were over the moon and ALL were full of praise…just wish we didn’t have to wait until May for the next concert but so looking forward to it…”

  • Val D

“…Would like  to let you know how much our group loved your Concert today. Rob, Georgia & Jane were so wonderfully entertaining. The Orchestra are pure joy with a superb pianist and presenter. Mere words cannot convey how much we all enjoyed ourselves. Many Thanks for all your hard work with these shows…”

  • Christine C

“…Congratulations!! You have excelled yourself once again. The joy you gave the audience was amazing. Our members thought it was best show ever, “The Great Classics” will be with us forever as they bring so many memories. A big thank you to you, your orchestra and the three very talented guest artists…”

  • Pam F

“…Thank you for providing such a priceless gift of high quality music to Seniors.  I always leave your concerts happy and full of joy.  This latest concert had it all, talented artists, conductor and brilliant piano playing…I am amazed that I got to see the legendary Jane Rutter, who played with such passion.  We were so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of all the hard practice the talented Georgia Wilkinson did as understudy for the role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera. It was not wasted. Then there was Rob McDougall with his beautiful baritone voice.  As I said this concert had it all!…”

  • Marion M

“…I went to the concert yesterday for the first time – just loved it…”

  • Pamela M-J

“…I have to thank you so much for not just the excellence of choice of items presented but also introducing some of us to those wonderful performers who gave so much of themselves & brought so much joy to we older folk who now unfortunately, cannot afford to attend regular shows.  I thank you so much for the happiness you spread…Quite the loveliest concert so far for me…”

  • Averil M

“…Thank you for organising such a wonderful concert yesterday, while we have enjoyed them all this was definitely THE BEST! What wonderful voices the two singers had, and Jane Rutter continued to amaze with her talent. Not to forget the orchestra and your great piano pieces as well. It was well worth braving the elements for such a great afternoon’s entertainment, so thank you again…”

  • Heather C

“…I cannot believe how wonderful yesterday’s concert was and felt I must let you know how magical it was for all of us – all the concerts are wonderful and it is always not possible to say one is better than another but our little group all felt that we have not enjoyed another concert more than we enjoyed yesterday’s. It is possibly a combination of many things – we have not recovered from what Covid has done to us all mentally, the weather was dreadful and the concert was just pure magic. Thanks so much to everyone involved…”

  • Gloria H

“…Thank you so very much for yesterday’s concert.  It was truly one of the best shows so far.  The guest artists went way beyond what we had envisaged.  The orchestra once again stood out particularly with Bernard playing and conducting.  One friend who was with us said she may not be coming again (due to her health and the rain yesterday) but during the first selection of music, she said not to take her name off my list, she would make every effort to get to the shows…Again thank you for giving we seniors a chance to enjoy the music that we love…”

  • Lana C

“…Sincere thanks, Bernard and the Good Old Days team for the Awesome Concert yesterday! Thank you so much for the Great Classics concert yesterday! Our group were completely blown away!

One of our new members who has only been to one other GOD concert, made the priceless comment “Are they always as good as this!”. You, Bernard, personally make it so much fun, and I could listen to you at the Grand all day!  Rob and Georgia were outstanding, (can we see them again!) and of course the beautiful Jane Rutter, so much fun and talent!

  • Gail J

“…I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday’s concert. I brought along 4 new friends who were so impressed with the show. Personally, I thought this was one of the BEST I have attended.

Thanks again for giving us such pleasure of excellent artists…”

  • Maria R