…Once again thank you for a beautiful  concert yesterday, I knew it was going to be wonderful and I wasn’t disappointed…you are just an amazing pianist…I think my favourite part was the Andrew Lloyd Webber segment…the Aussie part I loved too, just the whole concert, I do hope we can have another piano show again in the not too distant future. Also Gavin has a beautiful voice, I’m sure he has a bright future…”

– Faye S

…I am writing to thank you very much for a magnificent concert yesterday – you truly are a wonderful pianist (and compere) – my  husband, friends and myself  were thoroughly entertained for the entire 2 hours.  Also thank you for playing that ridiculously ‘hard’ piece of music ‘Chopsticks’…it brought a smile and a laugh to a lot of people I think!!  I would like to recommend that you perform at on an annual basis – your repertoire is amazing. I do hope that we see more of Gavin Brightwell in the upcoming musicals doing the rounds in Sydney in the near future.  Paul Martell was excellent with his ‘clean’ jokes and his impersonations were brilliant – well done on a fabulous concert.  A big ‘thank you’ to all the ‘behind the scenes’. We can’t wait until the September concert again…”

– Jill R

CONGRATULATIONS on yesterday’s concert. It was just wonderful and all my crowd thoroughly enjoyed it. These concerts seem to be getting better and better. Can hardly wait for the next one in September...”

– Val “S” D

Congratulations on a wonderful performance at the Town Hall yesterday – you personally excelled – and the orchestra, singer, comedian were fantastic.  Thank you for what you do, and I look forward to reading about the 2017 Season…”

– Helen J

…Thank you so much for another really wonderful concert yesterday.  Once again it was a truly uplifting experience.  Your skill at the piano is amazing!  The orchestra sounded great, loved Gavin Brightwell and enjoyed a chuckle at Paul Martell’s funnies.  I hope that we are able to hear you again at a concert next year – maybe “My love of the piano continues”  or “I love a piano 2”.  Your love of the piano is quite obvious. Thank you again…”

– Colin & Helen C

…We could have stayed there all evening listening to you make that piano sing, Bernard. Congratulations on a wonderful concert. See you next time…”

– John and Anne K

I want to congratulate you on the fantastic concert yesterday. I thought the previous one was superb but this one was even better. With the piano in the middle of the stage I was able to see the speed of your fingers over the keys and I was astounded at your performance. The supporting artists were great and, because my Dad was born in Ireland, I really appreciated the Irishman turned Australian. I hope you will do another show like this one again in the future…”

– Bruce S

…My wife and I extend our heartfelt thanks for your performance at today’s Good Old Days Concert, “I Love A Piano”.  We cannot get enough of your performances and of all the concerts we have been to over the past few years this rates as one of if not the best concert we have attended.  And every concert is enhanced by your being the pianist extraordinaire, not to mention your great sense of humour and quick wit.  We will be back for the October one.  We can hardly wait…”

– Grahame C