Rhonda Burchmore and all our artists brought smiles, laughter and thunderous applause at our show on 11 May. Here are some responses from our patrons…

“…Thanks for a great concert on Monday…Rhonda was excellent and the other acts also very, very good.   Loved the accordion player – he sure has magic in his fingers! I will be booking for the next concert and bringing my friends…”
– Anne S

“…Your shows continue to amaze me! Rhonda Burchmore was outstanding and the whole production – the dancers, Al Showman, Ross Maio and that band – were fantastic. Cannot wait for the next show in September!…”
– Roger C

“…Today I went to see the concert…it was a fantastic show worth $135, not $35! I really enjoyed the dancers and the entertainers were great!…”
– Carmen E

“…What a great programme yesterday.  Great music, and an absolute visual feast with the costuming.   Book Rhonda and her artists for another time!!!…”
– Jillian G

“…What a wonderful, wonderful concert…”
– Margaret B

“…Thank you for a wonderful concert on Monday, each act was superb and thanks for all the work you do to put on these concerts for us…”
– Faye S