What a special day it was on Wednesday 1 October. Many people were touched by the incredible music of Tommy Tycho – here are some comments…


“…Thank you for another great afternoon’s entertainment yesterday.  What a wonderful tribute to Tommy Tycho. One of our party said it was the best yet…”
– Doreen S

“…BRAVO! BRAVO! The concert today was so beautiful!…”
– Lilly S

“…We so enjoyed today’s concert. Think you all did a wonderful job honouring Tommy Tycho whose music we enjoyed so much. All the soloists added an extra dimension to the tribute as did the remembrances from Tommy’s daughter. Thank you…”
– Barbara G

“…Today’s show was delightful. You gave us an insight into not just what a wonderful and talented man Tommy Tycho was but how fortunate we are that he shared such with us.
Thank you Bernard, your performance was fantastic. You and your guest artists, plus the orchestra, organising staff including the ushers were magnificent.
Everything, everyone, gave us the audience an excellent show, an enjoyable day. THANK YOU.
Three cheers for “The Good Old Days Concerts”…”
– Betty A

“…Tommy certainly was a genius…”Mountain Greenery” was spectacular… “Tenderly” was so beautiful…all the artists were so enjoyable, and what a great orchestra…I could go on and on. Thank you! Congratulations and best wishes for future concerts…”
– Charles L

“…Congratulations on a fantastic tribute concert to the Maestro Tommy Tycho.  The music was great and the artists were magnificent…”
– Jill R

“…Wonderful show yesterday – it was absolutely marvellous…”
– Joy K

“…Thank you so much – I was lifted out into another world…”
– Margaret G

“…The show yesterday was breathtaking…11 out of 10!…”
– Joyce T