The link to our online booking system will go live on this page at midday on 23 May 2022, where you will be able to view our seating plan, select your seats and pay by credit card. We will then mail your tickets to you via Australia Post (if you have this page open prior to midday 23 May you will need to refresh the page at midday to access the link).

Please note that the seating available for online booking will be limited due to subscribers with pre-assigned seating and allowance for patrons booking by mail and for large group bookings.

It will not be possible to redeem Discover NSW vouchers in part payment for your booking via the online system. If you wish to use your Discover NSW vouchers you are invited to print the form below, complete, and submit to us via email (to or regular mail (PO BOX 525 HURSTVILLE  NSW  1481) together with your Discover NSW voucher, for manual processing. PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accept screen shots of your voucher from your phone as the voucher code is dynamic and changes frequently. Only PDF or paper versions of your Discover NSW vouchers can be processed.

If selecting the option for manual processing, we invite you to submit your booking details as soon as possible as applications will be processed on a “first in, best seated” basis.